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What is an heirloom plant?

Simply put, heirloom plants are open pollinated varieties that have been passed down in communities, usually for at least 50 years.  Seeds can be saved and they will be true to type. These are plants that have stood the test of time and are generally beloved for their exceptional qualities including taste, fragrance, or charm.  Many heirloom plants are in danger of being lost forever because commercial agriculture wants plants with specific qualities like ability to ship well and uniformity. When you chose heirloom plants you are choosing to preserve history and traditions as well as support biodiversity and small businesses. Your grandmother's heirloom roses probably had a beautiful fragrance, but pick up a bouquet in a grocery store and you get uniform long stems, but no perfume. 

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What makes Bird's Heirloom Plants different?

All of my plants are grown here in Neshoba county by me, by hand, from seeds and cuttings. All Bird's plants are guaranteed GMO free and many are organic.  I never use chemicals, artificial fertilizers, or hormones. All seeds and cuttings are 100% US sourced. I use sustainable environmental practices including composting, recycling and upcycling, crop rotation and cover crops, as well as harvesting rainwater. I chose varieties that are happy to be in our micro-climate and I never sell anything I wouldn't put in my own garden.  You can't find these plants anywhere else because I don't source from a nursery.  Bird's Heirloom Plants is a veteran owned and woman owned operation.  


What forms of payment do you take?


Venmo @ Brandi-Bird-2

Cash App  $Birdsheirloomplants

Credit Cards through Square

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Where can I buy your plants?

Check out the events section to see when we will be at local markets or find us on Facebook for updates!

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